Funeral Arrangements

Arrange the funeral for a veteran or even arrange your own funeral.

To request the attendance of a standard bearer, bugler, piper, clergy, coffin drape or even a gun carriage contact Peter Lloyd on 0121 422 0649 or 07710 376 935 or email

Funeral service for a Veteran

When a minister or funeral director visits a family of any deceased it is usually obvious if the deceased was an armed forces veteran or even ask, if this is the case ask the person organising the service if they want a military funeral to honour the veterans service, it only take up 3 – 4 minutes of the service, also ask what part of the armed forces the veteran served in (Navy, Army, RAF, MN) if army, ask any battles or campaigns so we can get the veterans correct standard to attend.

The standards will form a guard of honour on arrival for the funeral cortege, the standards will then enter the chapel and take post at the front, they will stand throughout the service until the minister conducting the service will ask the congregation to stand for the committal prayer, after the committal the minister will ask the  congregation to remain standing for the act of remembrance to honour the named veteran for their military service.

The exhortation is recited with the response “we will remember them”, then the “Last post” is sounded with the lowering of the standards in salute, after one-minute Silence the standards are raised on the first note of “Reveille”.

At the start of any exit music the standard bearers will pay homage to the veteran then retire from the chapel to form a guard of honour at the exit door

The “Last post” – Silence – “Reveille” can be played on the system at most crematoriums, it can be downloaded by the crematorium staff at the request from the funeral director,
Any requests for standards can be made to Peter Lloyd, 07710 376 935 or