Federation of Birmingham
Ex-Service Associations

The Federation, is believed to have started in 1951 by Les Male, we had many Ex-Servicemen and women coming out of the services at this time after WWII; many needed something to replace the comradeship and social life they experienced while they served, as many formed into Regimental As sociations the idea to bring all the associations together under one banner was born, but still associations run their own business and meetings.

This worked out well, many joined and many associations paraded together and socialised together, this is still the case, it was the spirit of esprit de corps which did so much for this country during the long hard years of suffering and hardship in two world wars and in many campaigns fought during the so-called years of peace.

In addition, the Federation offers its wholehearted support to the Remembrance Day Parade which continues to attract large attendance and at which time we remember those of our comrades who fell on active service.

We also remember all those who have served the Federation over many years and none military groups i.e., War Widows and Birmingham Air Raids Remembrance Association.

My message to all ex-service personal is for them to continue to associate and support their associations and if your regiment or corps has gone, there is always a warm welcome at any of the associations that are in the Federation.

Remember we all served and between us, we did a really good job. We will always be there for our serving and injured personal. God Bless Them All.

John Dolphin,

Lest We Forget